Wedding Invites

Haig & Tamar’s Wedding Invitations

In 2004, Haig and his partner Tamar decided they would like their wedding invitations to show their creative nature and a traditionally designed card just wouldn’t do. When designing the card, Haig remembered that a family friend who was a retired doctor had examined him and his soon-to-be wife with an old cardiogram machine. They were given two long grids with their heartbeats plotted out over time as souvenirs.

Haig scanned and superimposed the two heartbeats and extended them over a long two-fold card. The heartbeats were accompanied by a minimal typographic treatment of both English and Armenian text. The wedding invitations continue to receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

Up Here Magazine Redesign

Flying up to Yellowknife to redesign Up Here magazine was a thrill Haig Armen won’t soon forget. In 2003 Haig was asked to redesign the prominent outdoor magazine with an eye for bringing a more contemporary style to the publication and attracting a younger audience. The redesign was later implemented and the magazine continues to experience a great rise in interest and readership.

Canadian Bookshelf Website

Haig and his Lift Studios team were asked to create a visual identity and website for Booknet Canada in 2011. The project’s goal was to become the place where Canadians around the world could visit to find any Canadian book ever published. The site would eventually house over 80,000 titles, reviews, bookclubs and author profiles.

The design was optimized for browsing and search a vast range of books and provide extensive bibliographic information about every book. The website has received a great amount of positive feedback and continues to grow.
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Neko Case Website

In 2006, international recording artist Neko Case approached Haig to design her website. A warm welcoming design was created on an extendible content management system. The site allows Neko to easily share her touring stories and photography with her fans, showcase her music and sell merchandise. After six years the site still receives great feedback from both Neko and her fans.

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Evergreen Website

Lift Studios was hired to create the website and corporate identity for a new forward-thinking real estate development on Bowen Island in British Columbia. The development’s objective is to encourage sustainable living while still allow residents of the Evergreen a luxurious home in a prime location. The website was designed to feature the strategies and how they relate to everyday living on the Bowen Island land.

The site featured a long scrolling experience that connects the various aspects of the project in one continuous vertically sliding experience.

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Look in the MIRROR

For the past 3 years I’ve been working on a project called MIRROR with my good friend Thomas Anselmi. Our collaboration began with a breakfast meeting about a website and quickly evolved into us writing music and visually refining the MIRROR brand together.

MIRROR just launched a new site and put on two free shows to close friends. The show is an experimental video and music project which has been described as a little bit like walking onto the backlot of a David Lynch film studio.