Research Note 010

This week I’ve been deliberating over buying a new guitar after selling my old Roland SH-101. The guitar I’m interested in is an archtop hand-made from 400yr old Red Cedar from Stanley Park by Thomas Groppi.
But that inner voice is asking, but you have lots of guitars why would you need another?

For me, guitars have such different characteristics, and these specific nuances change not only change how different the instrument sounds but also how I play it. Thomas has been kind enough to lend me a few of his guitars in the past and I have to say that, although, each one is unique in its tone and playability there is a consistency and attention to craft that puts Thomas at a level of luthiery that few achieve within the decade he’s been building guitars.

Ain’t she a beaut! Thomas Groppi’s Stanley Blues

I’ll play the Stanley Blues and make a decision within a week. I’ll try to post some videos of me play it and you can help me decide.

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