Speaking at mPub: future of Publishing

I’d like to express my gratitude to John Maxwell for extending an invitation to speak at SFU’s Masters of Publishing program about Interaction Design and its relevance to publishing. It was great to meet the mPUB cohort and we had a great time discussing the user experience of a digital/print hybrid user experience.

Here is the slide deck from my talk:
SFU 2014 Publishing in a Post-Digital Age PDF

First Day of Interactivity Courses at ECU

Today I started teaching the two Interactivity Courses at Emily Carr University. The courses are back to back 12:30 – 3:20pm and 3:50 – 6:40pm.

The Course Outline
This introductory studio course addresses the design, composition, and construction of computer interactivity in authoring environments, focusing on the Web. Emphasis is on increasing visual and sensory-based literacy through the application of digital skills. Students also learn to apply the principles and processes of interaction design for the use of animation, still imagery, video and sound for diverse applications, including those for educational, commercial, and communicative purposes.

This course will include:

  • Usability
  • User Experience
  • Graphical User Interface Design

The course syllabus can be found here:

Interface Design Course at Langara’s EMD

Lots of big changes happening in 2008, I have agreed to teach Interface Design at Langara’s Electronic Media Design program. But this time will be a bit different, I’ll be assisted by Kathleen Moynahan of Habanero who will eventually teach the course in my place. All our notes will be compiled on our Interface Design Wiki.

Starting January 8th I will also be teaching Interactive Essentials at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (ECIAD).